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Thursday October 29 2020


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See Commercial Real Estate Brokers/Agents for business broker members who are also licensed in real estate. is a membership based marketing/advertising network of independent Business Brokers, and a few Real Estate Brokers/Agents. They either have years/decades of experience in the industry or in their particular field(s) of concentration. Each Network Business Broker is a Principal and/or Agent for their own independent business brokerage firm.

Members are neither employees nor agents of has not made, nor will ever make, any investigation into the accuracy, truthfulness, or validity of any of the advertisements on this site, therefore cannot be held liable for same. Please see the disclaimers beneath each advertisement as well as read the Agreement to View Site below.

The Business Broker Members usually spend a great amount of time with Sellers and Buyers to help to administratively facilitate and simplify the buying process, from the initial appointment through the loan process if required, then through "Closing" on the business - and beyond. They should be reachable post Closing so that all parties are satisfied, and the Buyer is as successful as possible in the operation of the business purchased. Member firms can also provide contacts to the new owner for a number of support services in their area whom they could contact to help the new ownership on a go-forward basis.

ALL listings on this site, unless otherwise noted, are those where the particular broker in the ad, has a listing on said business opportunity. There may be a few cases where ads direct from business owners or other entities who are not members of are listed on this site. It is still up to the ad listing party to remove any listing once expired or no longer valid, and is not liable for same.

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Please note that a few of the business brokers who advertise on this site additionally hold a Texas Real Estate License, independent of any of the business brokerage entities listed on Liberty Exchange or Liberty Business Exchange, and generally independent of other various real estate licensees or business brokerage entities who may also market on this site.

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All advertisements on this website are subject to the terms and conditions in the "Agreement to View Site" section. 

No advertisement on this site in any way constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation to sell securities or any partial percentage of a business. These businesses are structured as asset sales. No advertisement herein or forthcoming constitutes a solicitaton or offering to sell securities. These businesses are structured as asset sales.

Statements, figures, and representations contained herein this website are provided by and are the sole responsibility of the business owner. Neither the marketing agents, the disseminating parties, or their agents have verified the truth or the accuracy of any and all information included in this advertisement, nor in any forthcoming business presentation report (including any supplemental information provided by sellers) and deny any responsibility therefor. Neither the marketing agents, the disseminating parties, nor their agents make any warranties or representations expressed or implied. As with any business purchase buyer should seek its own legal, accounting, environmental, appraisal/valuation and other professional advice regarding due diligence, offers, closings, leases, etc. Caveat emptor.  The purchase of any business carries with it an inherent risk.

"Business Broker" as defined herein this website and by any other means of information distribution, packaging, or any advertising, non-disclosure agreements, fee agreements, etc. shall be defined as follows:  one who finds a business for sale and finds a “Single Buyer” (“Single Buyer” herein defined as one individual, company or group formed by same independently of Broker) to purchase said business; or conversely, finds a business for sale for a Single Buyer, and acts as the representative of one or the other OR acts as a Transactional Intermediary representing neither Buyer or Seller, and with no fiduciary relationship to either; and who acts primarily as the conduit of information between the Buyer and Seller/Owner. Broker does not investigate or perform any due diligence on either buyer or seller and advises all parties to seek their own competent legal, accounting and other expert counsel or consultants.   The Broker markets, advertises, and/or collates and transmits information provided to Broker by the Parties and/or their Agents.  The Broker also may provide limited negotiations and other packaging, marketing, and administrative functions in the transactional selling process. These businesses are structured as asset sales. No advertisement herein or forthcoming constitutes a solicitation or offering to sell securities. These Brokers only list asset transactions.

"Business" as herein this website and all advertisements is defined as: 100% of a business and not any partial percentage of a company.   

 "Discretionary Earnings (DE)" as herein any advertisement and within this website shall be defined as follows:  Adjusted earnings adding back to net operating income one owner's salary, non-recurring expenses, expenses which will go away upon sale (ie. payments on items that will be paid off at Closing, any seller's discretionary expenses not otherwise categorized) and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization.