CODE: GBS365  


Region: Mid-South State: TEXAS City: El Paso
Purchase Price: $720,000Down Payment:
Real Estate Included: No
Monthly Bld Rent: $4,000Established 1 Years
Gross Sales Most Recent Year: $624,000
Discretionary Earnings (DE) Most Recent Year: $240,000
Fair Mkt. Value Equipment: * *$50,000

BUSINESS SUMMARY & DESCRIPTION This nail salon opened in April of 2017 and has been extremely busy every day it has been open. The salon offers nail services for hands and feet, including manicures, pedicures, nail polish application including acrylics, gels, glitter and liquids and also provides massages and waxing. The Company has exclusive rights to provide these services on a local military base.

** Inventory & FFE - $50,000

Sales and Discretionary Earnings were obtained by annualizing sales and earnings since its opening in April of 2017. The Seller has listed this business strictly as an asset transaction. This is not an offer to sell securities. This is not a solicitation to sell securities.

Listing Broker GBS Business Brokers. For more information, contact Tom Given, Principal, @915-585-1900 or email

FACILITIES This location is in a modern shopping mall located in a major military base. Rent is approximately $4,000/Mo.

MARKET OUTLOOK & COMPETITION - The business is a turnkey nail salon and is quickly developing a growing and loyal customer base. It is significantly sheltered from competition due to its location on a military base. The Company has experienced rapid growth since its opening and expects this growth to continue.

GROWTH POTENTIAL & EXPANSION As more and more military personnel become aware of this establishment, it is likely to fuel additional growth.

SUPPORT & TRAINING - Owner will be available for training and wishes to make a smooth transition for the new owner.

REASON FOR SALE Owners wish to pursue other business interests.

Contact Email:

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