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CODE: LBX1162  


Region: Southwest U. S. State: RELOCATABLE City: Dallas
Purchase Price: $72.000Down Payment: $72,000
Real Estate Included: No~SQFT: 3,200
Monthly Bld Rent: $1,342Established 30+ Years
Inventory at Cost: $50,000

BUSINESS SUMMARY & DESCRIPTION –Turnaround/turnkey B2C & B2B niche gift and awards niche product lines currently segueing from mail-order to e-tailer. Well established in the educational industry, this a diamond in the rough for the right buyer who can take the company at least back to its heyday when it grossed over $700,000.

Priced to sell quickly, at this point, it’s a value-add opportunity for the right savvy entrepreneurial buyer with marketing, e-commerce, and business acumen.

In other words, a perfect opportunity for a new owner/operator who wants to take advantage of a well-established product line and base of business. Web sites, vendors, catalogs, inventory, and procedures are in place, ripe for new ownership to take to the next level.

The owner says the inventory is good inventory and never goes stale. Approximately $50,000 inventory.

Approximately 50% of its products are custom-designed specifically for this company, which wholesales products B2B thru a network of retail stores as well as direct to the consumer and schools. Excellent reputation for quality products and very reasonable prices.

Included in the price is a registered trademark.

The business needs a full-time owner-operator willing to apply aggressive marketing ideas, participate in national trade shows, etc. The company has a recently developed robust website with its full catalog on-line; however, there has been virtually no SEO or social media marketing in place. In addition to the website, any marketing has simply been via the mailing of catalogs to customers who place orders. The business scaled down over the years due to retiring ownership, lack of marketing and Owner’s lack of expertise in promotion of its robust B2C website. Thus, 2016 total gross sales were down to about $40k at a slight NOL. At this volume, the seller is only spending about 15 hours per week at the warehouse, but sometimes solicits very part-time help in simple assembly. Bottom line, lack of marketing has prevented the company from growing.

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Listing Broker Firm: Liberty Business Exchange. Call Dale Bonner, Pres. 972-484-5225 for the NDA: or Email: Dale @ LibertyExchange dot com

FACILITIES – RELOCATABLE - Currently located in a warehouse area to house all the inventory, as a place to ship from, and perform light assembly– Rent slightly over $1,340/mo in the first half of 2017. Approximate Sq.Ft. +/- 3,200. Rates go forward are unknown at present. Seller will try to keep at short term lease in case a new owner wants to relocate the business elsewhere in Texas or in the U.S.

GROWTH POTENTIAL & EXPANSION - This business has significant market upside with proper SEO and promotion of its new B2C e-tailer site which the current owner lacks the expertise to do. Social media campaigns could vastly improve the volume–like Pinterest, Facebook blogs, etc. However, please note the business is working on a BRAND NEW opportunity with

New ownership could consider adding more product lines. Many of its branded items could also be promoted through the promotional products industry with the offering of personalization (ergo, engraving, stamping, etc.), a service the owner has never offered.

SUPPORT & TRAINING - The retiring principal will train and stay for the transition and training, as well as continue in a consulting role if new ownership desires.

REASON FOR SALE - Retiring owner ready to pass the torch to a more marketing & website savvy entrepreneur.

Contact Email:

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