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CODE: LBX1174  


Region: Mid-South State: TEXAS City: Collin County
Purchase Price: $239,000Down Payment: $239,000
Real Estate Included: No
Established 15 Years
Gross Sales Most Recent Year: $265,999
Discretionary Earnings (DE) Most Recent Year: $104,259
Fair Mkt. Value Equipment: $50,000

BUSINESS SUMMARY & DESCRIPTION - An awesome opportunity for an entrepreneurial full-time owner-operator who wants a turnkey business with a special niche in the market and members in place. This fitness gym serves not only athletes but the everyday person as well. The business employs a system with years of proven results, as well as years of very satisfied members and high ratings.

Sales and discretionary earnings above are based on the calendar year end of 2017. “Cash flow” above is Seller’s promulgated historical adjusted discretionary earnings for a full-time owner-operator who employs one part-time trainer.

** FFE- $50,000 (E) FMV or 100K (E) Replacement Value – top of the line equipment.

Business Hours - 8am-8:30pm Mon-Thurs.; 8am-7pm Fridays; 8am-2pm Saturdays; Closed Sundays.

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Listing Broker Firm: Erin Bonner, Independent Business Broker & Intermediary Call or email: Erin 214-236-1099 for the NDA: or Email: Erin @ LibertyExchange dot com.

FACILITIES – Base rent currently $3,556.58 + NNN -total rent approx. $5,905.50/mo in 2017–with periodic increases – expires about Aug. 2023.

MARKET OUTLOOK & COMPETITION - There is no lack of market for individuals wanting to stay fit, tone up, or lose weight. Its market niche allows it to be supremely competitive with the big guys.

GROWTH POTENTIAL & EXPANSION – the location is poised to reap the benefits of new ownership who understands social media marketing, one with fresh ideas to draw in new customers.

SUPPORT & TRAINING - Negotiable transition training to be provided and included in the purchase price.

REASON FOR SALE - Retirement from Fitness Gym Ownership after 15 years.

Contact Email:

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