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CONSTRUCTION Businesses For Sale
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The construction industry is generally tied to the economy. As of 2006, this industry is definitely on the upswing in most areas of the U.S., especially with our burgeoning population that is even flowing into “ex-urbia” (The outlying towns outside of major metropolitan areas.)

In order to secure a loan for one these businesses, one will generally need direct industry experience or be able to sign long-term employment contracts with a friend or partner who does have the experience.

The construction business can be tricky financially speaking and one must thoroughly understand how to manage their finances in this industry. If managed properly, a construction business for sale can be an excellent opportunity for the right entrepreneur or strategic buyer.

A business for sale in the construction industry may include, but not be limited to the following:

Architectural Firm For Sale
Asphalt Paving Business For Sale
Cabinet Manufacturing Business For Sale
Cast-Stone Manufacturing Business For Sale
Cement Hauling Business For Sale
Ceramic Tile Manufacturing Business For Sale
Commercial Contractor For Sale
Commercial Framing Business For Sale
Commercial HVAC Business For Sale
Commercial Plumbing Business For Sale
Commercial Sign Business For Sale
Concrete Company For Sale
Construction Supply Business For Sale
Countertop Business For Sale
Drywall Business For Sale
Electrical Contractor For Sale
Engineering Firm For Sale
Fencing Business For Sale
Flooring Company For Sale
Foundation Repair Business For Sale
Garage Door Business For Sale
General Construction Business For Sale
General Contractor Business For Sale
Granite Business For Sale
Home Builder For Sale
Home Repair Business For Sale
Home Theater Installation Business For Sale
Kitchen Remodeling Business For Sale
Masonry Business For Sale
Painting Business For Sale
Remodeling Business For Sale
Residential Builder For Sale
Rock Hauling Business For Sale
Rock Quarry For Sale
Roofing Company For Sale
Sheetrock Business For Sale
Survey Business For Sale
Technology Installation Company For Sale
Tile Store For Sale
Truss Manufacturing Business For Sale

If you know of anyone in the above categories wishing to sell, please see “Find A Network Broker.” has not verified the truthfulness of any 3rd party Broker ads, and shall not be deemed or held liable for any such information of same.

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