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FRANCHISE Businesses For Sale
Number of Businesses Listed:  7

BusinessCodePurchase Price
WELL KNOWN GELATO FRANCHISE - North Dallas Area LBX1197$172,000
3 UPS STORES - FT. LEE VA & 2 OTHER LOCATIONS - Ft. Lee JLG3030$300,000
3 UPS STORES - ALBUQUERQUE & 2 OTHER LOCATIONS - Albuquerque JLG3020$300,000

Franchise opportunities seem to be ever increasing in today’s market place. Many business buyers are attracted to the Franchise world for the following reasons:

1. Proven Concept
2. Training Provided
3. On-Going Support
4. Lower Cost Of Goods As The Franchisor Can Generally Purchase In Bulk
5. Many Franchises Offer Co-Op Advertising and Some Offer National Ad Campaign Programs
6. Safety In Numbers
7. A Franchisee Basically Enjoys The Privilege Of Being Part Of A Larger Concern
8. A Franchisee Doesn’t Have To Re-Invent The Wheel
9. Many Franchises Are Already Well-Known, So That A Franchisee Will Be Able To Capitalize On Established Name Recognition.
10. Franchisees Are, Generally Speaking, More Successful Than Start-Up Businesses That Have A Relatively High Failure Rate.

A Franchise could present a wonderful opportunity for a buyer wishing security in numbers or one who doesn’t want to deal with marketing and selling his/her own independent business/concept.

Keep in mind however, that as a franchisee, one is often limited to only carrying product approved by the Franchisor, limited in its growth potential which may be hampered by Franchisor’s rules and regulations, and a franchise royalty will be due every month. So if you are more of a maverick, or entrepreneur and have your own ideas about sales, marketing and product mix, then an existing non-franchise business may better suit your needs.

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