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DISTRIBUTION Businesses For Sale
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Many buyers searching for acquisitions prefer to buy distribution companies over manufacturing concerns for sale, as distribution affords them the ability to carry multiple product lines. Like manufacturing, they still have excellent growth potential through capitalizing on the ability to sell to multiple markets and bringing a greater variety of product mix on board without being responsible for the actual production of the product lines. Most distributors do not have exclusive contracts, or if they do, the agreements generally have blanket cancellation clauses. The wise plan is to continue to provide quality service with competitive pricing. The gross margins for distributors are generally lower than those for manufacturing companies. So the key to success is to garner as many accounts as possible and increase the gross volume through sales and marketing. Buyers or Strategic purchasers of a distribution business for sale donít need to know how to manufacture, but must know to how market, administer the daily operations, manage sales staff and stay on top of the companyís financial condition.

Examples of a distribution company for sale could include:
Ad Specialty Distributor For Sale
Apparel Distribution Business For Sale
Consumer Products Distribution Company For Sale
Electrical Products Distribution Business For Sale
Electronic Products Distribution Company For Sale
Equipment Distribution Business For Sale
Food Distribution Business For Sale
Game & Toy Distribution Business For Sale
Home Products Distribution Business For Sale
Industrial Distribution For Sale
Industrial Equipment Distributor For Sale
Industrial Supply Distribution Business For Sale
Mail Order Company For Sale
Medical Supply House For Sale
Metal Products Distribution Business For Sale
Paper Goods Distribution Company For Sale
Pet Products Distributor For Sale
Plastics Distribution Business For Sale
Printing Broker For Sale
Promotional Products Business For Sale
Small Parts Distribution Business For Sale
Wholesale Distribution Business For Sale
Wholesale Liquor Distributor For Sale
Wood Products Distribution Company For Sale

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