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In laymen’s terms, a “turnaround opportunity” is defined as either a business for sale which used to be profitable, but is currently either breaking even, losing money, or is barely profitable; or is a business for sale which has been in a “start-up mode” since inception, and which has yet to realize any significant bottom line profits or adjusted EBITDA.

The reasons can be as varied as the following:

1. Lack of initial working capital.
2. Lack of sales effort, resulting in lack of new customers.
3. Lack of Marketing, resulting in lack of new customers.
4. Lack of financial staying power after the dot com crash, September 11, Iraq situation etc. Many small businesses had a difficult time weathering the economic downturn from these events. Some are just beginning to turn back around, but may not have the financial wherewithal to spend capital on much needed marketing and sales efforts.
5. Simple poor management.
6. Illness, death, divorce or other family issues which took the principal’s focus into more personal directions.

Why are they considered “opportunities?” Primarily, the reason is that often with proper management, with sales and marketing efforts and with the right working capital, these are businesses that could potentially be turned into very profitable companies.

For instance, Liberty Business Exchange listed a coatings company, which was a fairly new firm with approximately $200,000 in sales. They handled the sale transaction for the Seller, after which the Buyer increased the sales to approximately $1.4 million in 2 years. The Buyer called every year to thank them for the opportunity. One of the Seller-partners bought back into the business and then purchased the business outright from the Buyer.

One Finder has copies of the financial statements on a $3 million volume import and distribution business from the very early 90’s, when there were little investment monies in the marketplace. That company today is a household name with probably $100-500 million in sales. SOMEONE had the vision and the capital to take the company to next level. They had a base of business - a “platform,” if you will, from which to grow exponentially.

For your first business purchase, it is not advisable to purchase a turnaround opportunity unless you possess working capital beyond the purchase price, the management expertise, and can live without a salary during the period of growth or re-growth.


1. Brilliant individuals with capital.
2. Entrepreneurs with a vision willing to invest capital and sweat equity.
3. Strategic Buyers - Individuals or corporations with like companies who grow through acquisitions, whereby garnering a little larger piece of the industry pie, or strategic buyers looking to expand into related ventures or new platforms.
4. Turn-around experts.

Remember, most any business has potential for expansion, either through marketing & sales efforts which result in more accounts, therefore higher gross income; through acquisition; through additional product lines or services which can be sold to the current client base or which could add a new client base; through developing multiple locations and/or through expansion into the internet shopping cart arena, etc.

Turnkey Opportunity For Sale Listings

This can be any new franchise opportunity for sale, a closed down business for sale with or without real estate, or a business which has gone through all of the start-up cost, design, promotion and build-out, yet is still fairly new. The hard work has been done – the sweat equity has been invested. And since it takes some business types several months to even several years for certain industries (i.e. a winery for sale,) the current owner will have invested its financial losses and has yet to realize its profits that should be forthcoming. In this situation, the value of the business is not only the value of the fixed assets, inventory if any, and finish-out costs, but also the intrinsic value attributed to the start-up capital losses incurred, and sweat-equity.

Terms for these types of business for sale listings could include:

Assets For Sale
Client Base For Sale
Closed Down Business For Sale
Empty Building For Sale
New Franchise For Sale
Strategic Acquisition
Turnaround Business For Sale
Turnaround Opportunity For Sale
Turnkey Business For Sale
Unoccupied Commercial Real Estate For Sale

If you know of anyone in the above categories wishing to sell, please see “Find A Network Broker.” has not verified the truthfulness of any 3rd party Broker ads, and shall not be deemed or held liable for any such information of same.

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