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Viewing this website and any of the advertisements herein are subject to the terms and conditions below.

No advertisement on this site in any way constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation to sell securities or any partial percentage of a business. No advertisement herein or forthcoming constitutes a solicitation or offering to sell securities.

BASIC ADVERTISEMENTS: Advertisements of businesses or property for sale herein this website contain merely basic brief information from which you may decide if you want to take the next step and request the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreement (CA) as the case may be. The advertisements are not intended to induce any potential purchaser to make an offer on said business or property, rather to request more information. Purchasers would need to perform thorough due diligence before purchasing a business.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE: The information in any advertisement is subject to change/corrections as the Seller provides more information to its agent, and subject to withdrawal, without notice.

CONFIDENTIALITY/NOTE TO PROSPECTIVE BUYERS: The NDAs and CAs are returned to the listing broker/consultant/or M&A transaction intermediary. Please be aware that the Seller’s require their fiduciary agents to secure fully completed NDAs/CAs prior to disclosure of the location or name of the business, and sometimes due to the nature of the business, not even the exact nature of the business – for instance, if the business is one-of-a-kind or one of only a handful in the state. In addition, the buyers must be financially qualified to handle the purchase of the size of the business or property advertised. Or if you are a competitor, there are times when Sellers will not allow their agent to disclose information about their business to certain competitors, which is the Seller’s right. In the two preceding cases, you understand that the Seller may not allow the Agent to disseminate any information to you. Financial capability of potential purchasers is important as the potential buyer may be receiving proprietary, confidential information, including financial information – quid pro quo if you will.

LEGITIMATE INQUIRIES ONLY: Should you proceed to inquire further regarding any business or property for sale advertisement, you warrant that you are a legitimate prospective buyer, and not simply tire-kicking or gathering information for your own use other than seriously pursuing the purchase of a business or property. If you are a business broker, M & A Intermediary, or Real Estate licensee, you must disclose this fact to the advertisement poster/listing agent upon first inquiry.

HOLD HARMLESS DISCLAIMER ADVERTISEMENTS/LISTING POSTINGS: Statements, figures, and representations contained in any advertising of businesses or property for sale on this website are provided by and are the sole responsibility of the business or property owner. Neither the marketing agents, the disseminating parties, or their agents have verified the truth or the accuracy of any and all information included in the advertisements, nor in any forthcoming business presentation report (including any supplemental information provided by sellers) and deny any responsibility thereof. Neither the marketing agents, the disseminating parties, nor their agents make any warranties or representations expressed or implied. Agents for Sellers rely on information provided by Sellers. By viewing these advertisements, you agree to hold harmless from any errors or omissions in the advertisements and by use or misuse of this site you hereby agree not to bring suit against and its affiliate owner(s) or website managers regarding the foregoing as does not verify the information posted by agents for Sellers and shall be held harmless regarding the foregoing.

DUE DILIGENCE: As with any business purchase buyer should seek its own legal, accounting, environmental, appraisal/valuation, permitting, and other professional advice regarding due diligence, offers, closings, leases, etc. Caveat emptor. The purchase of any business carries with it an inherent risk.

"BUSINESS BROKER", “M & A ADVISOR”, AND “TRANSACTION CONSULTANT” are defined herein this website and by any other means of information distribution, packaging, or any advertising, non-disclosure agreements, fee agreements, etc. shall be defined as follows: one who finds a business for sale and finds a “Single Buyer” (“Single Buyer” herein defined as one individual, company or group formed by same independently of Broker) to purchase said business; or conversely, finds a business for sale for a Single Buyer, and acts as the representative of one or the other OR acts as a Transactional Intermediary representing neither Buyer or Seller, and with no fiduciary relationship to either; and who acts primarily as the conduit of information between the Buyer and Seller/Owner. Broker does not investigate or perform any due diligence on either buyer or seller and advises all parties to seek their own competent legal, accounting, and other expert counsel or consultants. The Broker markets, advertises, and/or collates and transmits information provided to Broker by the Parties and/or their Agents. The Broker also may provide limited negotiations and other packaging, marketing, and administrative functions in the transactional selling process.

"BUSINESS" as herein this website and all advertisements is defined as: 100% of a business and not any partial percentage of a company.

"DISCRETIONARY EARNINGS (DE /SDE)" as herein any advertisement and within this website shall be defined as follows: Adjusted earnings adding back to net operating income one owner's salary or manager’s salary if the Seller is absentee or partially absentee, non-recurring expenses, expenses which will go away upon sale (example, payments on items that will be paid off at Closing, plus any seller's discretionary expenses not otherwise categorized) plus interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

In EBITDA, the expense for a manager/owner is included in the expenses and not added back into cash flow. Cash flow can either mean NOI, SDE (Seller’s discretionary earnings as defined above) or EBITDA – straight or adjusted.

FINANCIAL INFORATION IN THE ADVERTISEMENTS: The numbers for these terms are from a snapshot in time – generally the most recent full year unless otherwise indicated. They are also subject to corrections if, and when, further information is forthcoming from a Seller. The Discretionary Earnings, NOI, or EBITDA may be based on tax returns or on financial statements if the tax returns are not yet available. Please be advised that you are responsible for your own due diligence with the aid of competent professionals.

COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARKS -NO INFRINGEMENT: All pages in this site are copyrighted, and shall not be deconstructed, duplicated, copied, or used by any person or company for their own use. All logos within this site are trademarked by the, Liberty Business Exchange, or the independent agent members.

VIRUS/MALWARE: It is your responsibility to be prudent in surfing this website and performing whatever virus and malware scans on your device and updating your search engine applications. While the website management endeavors to maintain a virus and malware free website, there is no guarantee or warranty that the site is virus and malware free at given points in time due to the nature of the tenuous worldwide web security. There are third party links within this website for which has no control. If you are concerned for any reason, do NOT click on any third-party links within this website. By use of this site, you agree to hold, its principal(s), affiliates, and website administrators harmless from any virus or malware issues that may arise as a result of your use or misuse of this website.

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