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The Internet web-based business for sale is generally relocatable, especially if the business caters to clients nationwide and it is not equipment-intensive. They are sometimes even home-based. Although you may not be purchasing hard assets or inventory for resale if the company drop-ships, or performs a service rather than carrying a product line, one is purchasing a domain name, a customer list, the web-site and all that it entails, and generally a base of business from which to grow. In other words, the purchase price is for the value of the going concern. If one is internet-savvy, the transition is relatively easy as compared to certain other industries. A web-based business for sale can encompass virtually anything. It could be a web-based product business for sale, an internet mall for sale, and internet service for sale, an IT service business for sale, on-line business for sale, an e-commerce business for sale, a search engine optimization business for sale, an e-tailer for sale, a chat room for sale, a turnkey web-site for sale, a domain name for sale (for strategic marketing potential,) or an e-bay store for sale (not relocatable as this is actually retail.) It could also encompass a web-based advertising service business for sale, or web-based distributor for sale or an on-line ordering manufacturing business for sale.

Each advertisement of a business or property for sale on this site is basic preliminary information from the business owners submitted by the Listing Brokers or Consultants who are not responsible for any errors or omissions for information received from Sellers. Said information has not been investigated or verified and is not warranted by the consultants, brokers or by Also please note that each listing for sale is subject to change, corrections, or withdrawal without notice. For any listing INVOLVING REAL ESTATE, see the Commercial Real Estate Page for the specific real estate broker’s Texas Information About Brokerage Services. All advertisements on this website are subject to the terms and conditions in the "Agreement to View Site" section. No advertisement on this site in any way constitutes an offer to sell or a solicitation to sell securities or any partial percentage of a business. No advertisement herein or forthcoming constitutes a solicitation or offering to sell securities.

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