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The Internet web-based business for sale is generally relocatable, especially if the business caters to clients nationwide and it is not equipment-intensive. They are sometimes even home-based. Although you may not be purchasing hard assets or inventory for resale if the company drop-ships, or performs a service rather than carrying a product line, one is purchasing a domain name, a customer list, the web-site and all that it entails, and generally a base of business from which to grow. In other words, the purchase price is for the value of the going concern. If one is internet-savvy, the transition is relatively easy as compared to certain other industries. A web-based business for sale can encompass virtually anything. It could be a web-based product business for sale, an internet mall for sale, and internet service for sale, an IT service business for sale, on-line business for sale, an e-commerce business for sale, a search engine optimization business for sale, an e-tailer for sale, a chat room for sale, a turnkey web-site for sale, a domain name for sale (for strategic marketing potential,) or an e-bay store for sale (not relocatable as this is actually retail.) It could also encompass a web-based advertising service business for sale, or web-based distributor for sale or an on-line ordering manufacturing business for sale.

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